FruitBlendz 4oz Label Pineapple Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree



FruitBlendz 4oz. Fruit Purees are Ready-to-Serve and provide safe and consistent textures, flavors, and aromas to meet the needs of regulated, soft or textured modified diets. Our purees are ideal for patients with dysphagia and other swallowing deficiencies, which are usually diagnosed by speech pathologists. Our fruit purees provide great taste, variety, and the quality you’ve come to expect from Leahy-IFP, the company that brought you Carbotrol® Fruit! If you’ve tried our FruitBlendz Purees in the past, a few things have changed:


  • Only real fruit puree is used in our product, ensuring the highest quality available
  • We use only real sugar, never any artificial sweeteners, to add just the right amount of sweetness
  • We use starch and pectin to thicken our product as opposed to gums
  • We include more servings per case than our competitors
  • We offer a variety of 6 delicious flavors to choose from (or to try them all!)


FruitBlendz 4oz Label Apricot Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree

Full, rich flavor and smooth after taste, we use only the finest apricots.

Fruit Cocktail

FruitBlendz 4oz Label Fruit Cocktail Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree

Always a favorite, our recipe only uses real minced cherries.


FruitBlendz 4oz Label Peach Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree

A delicious, full flavor, we source the best peach harvests globally.


FruitBlendz 4oz Label Pear Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree

We use domestic pears versus asian pears due to their ability to breakdown easier.


FruitBlendz 4oz Label Pineapple Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree

One of the hardest DIY purées to do, our recipe makes serving this tropical flavor a breeze.


FruitBlendz 4oz Label Prune Cup
IDDSI Compliant Puree

Wonderful flavor and texture in this patient-standard, and we include an extra serving per container.

FruitBlendz is

IDDSI Compliant – 4 Puréed

The International Dysphagia Standardization Initiative (IDDSI), formed in 2013 to help set a new global standard in practice and terminology in all care settings and in all cultures. Texture modified foods and thickened liquids are all classified into one of eight levels, with specific qualitative and/or quantitative measurements. The specific number guide, terminology and color system initiated by IDDSI is being accepted and adopted worldwide. 128 countries are engaged and the standards have been translated into 51 languages – helping bring consistency to those on a pureed food diet.


FruitBlendz is specially formulated to meet the needs of both patients, looking for pureed meals for adults and children – and the professionals providing care. All six FruitBlendz flavors are IDDSI Compliant and packed in shelf-stable containers; making storing and serving safe, simple and cost-effective.

IDDSI Compliant Food
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